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Ken Berger 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee

Ken Berger 2011 Ohio State Trapshooting Hall Of Fame Inductee


Kenneth Burger inducted into the 2011 Ohio State Trapshooting Hall of Fame.


In 1951, Ken shot his first trap targets at the Remington Club in Stratford, Connecticut. Two years later, he began registered shooting. He went to work for Remington Arms in New York in 1961 and two years later, he came to Ohio as a Remington Field Representative. In August of 1969, Ken entered the manufacturer’s representative business for an independent firm, which eventually led him to open his own firm 20 years later. Ken retired in 2005 after spending over 55 years in the business of shooting sports. During that time, he attended 46 Grand Americans and worked at the Grand American for several different companies. Ken earned a place on several of the Southwest Zone Teams. He has been on numerous All-Ohio Teams in the Men’s, Veteran and Senior Veteran categories. He is the Captain of this year’s All-Ohio Senior Veteran Team. Ken was also on 4 Industry All-American Teams. Not Only has Ken had a remarkable shooting career, winning numerous trophies across the Midwest and at the Grand American…he has been a great ambassador for our sport as well.

Total Lifetime Targets
117,675 Singles     81,150 Handicap    64,624 Doubles

Information above obtained from the 2011 Ohio State Trapshooting Tournament program