Madison County Fish And Game



Madison County Fish and Game Sign
The Madison County Gun Club has been in existence for over 60 years. In June, 1946, Ned Speasmaker, Tom Wood and Urlick Bauerle deeded land to the State of Ohio to build a dam thus creating Madison Lake. Alongside this picturesque lake the first clubhouse for the Madison County Gun Club would be built. The 107 acre lake was completely filled within a year. On June 15, 1947, the State of Ohio’s dedication honored the Madison County Fish and Game Association for its integral participation in creating the Lake. Most of the land where the gun club stands now was donated by both Tom Wood and his wife Mary as well as Ralph Matlock and his wife, Mary Catherine. The shelter house, which eventually became the Gun Club’s first clubhouse, was donated on January 8, 1947. It was through the generous donations of these local residents in the mid to late 1940’s, that the Madison County Gun Club was created and became such a preeminent club.



Throughout the years since the 1940’s, the Madison County Fish and Game Association has maintained the Lake and its surrounding area by buying and releasing hundreds and hundreds of largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, catfish and walleye into the Lake as well as pheasants throughout the county land. Members of the Fish and Game Club were also very involved in the local community. In the 1970’s, members would often spend time teaching local boys and girls how to fish at one of the favorite local ponds – Bob Ryan’s pond. Hunter safety classes were of paramount importance to the Madison County Fish and Game Association, so classes were offered in the 1980’s for Madison County residents. Also during the 1980’s the Madison County Fish and Game Club became involved with the Joint Vocational School working with the students to create duck boxes and raise catfish. The members of the Madison County Fish and Game Association have always been involved in their community, whether teaching sport and safety in hunting and fishing, or enjoying Madison Lake and the Gun Club’s activities.