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OSTA Champion of Champions Handicap Qualifier – Results 4-18-2021

OSTA Champion of Champions Results

Sunday, April 18th, 2021

Handicap Qualifiers


CHAMPION Reese Holmes 14117851
Runner UP Mickey Holcomb 0763963
VET WINNER Michael Whitehead 1935781
SR VET WINNER Tom Cecil 8904179
SR VET RUNNER UP Fred Gilliam 4024952
LADY WINNER Addison Curry 1313285
LADY RUNNER UP Delaney Harris 1935312
JUNIOR WINNER Emerson Halliday 1856410
JUNIOR RUNNER UP Nathan Hudson 1623651
SUB JUNIOR WINNER Sterlin Mullins 1624864
SUB JUNIOR RUNNER UP Hunter Mullins 1934473